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Use of New Technologies - Website/E-Commerce/Social Media Case Studies

Here are some of our success stories:

  • For a large Canadian telco, rebuilt their website from the ground up complete with new architecture. It was built to ensure the user experience was integrated with their bricks-and-mortar retail channel and phone channels for one seamless integrated user experience regardless of the channel.
  • Developed a recommendation to create a wholesale based e-commerce website to help wholesalers sell to retailers for a leading Canadian association. It was designed to transform the association from one that relied entirely on two semi-annual bricks and mortar trade shows to a year round selling platform that kept selling costs low for wholesalers. It would have facilitated online sales between retailers and their suppliers between trade shows. In return the Association would charge only 3 percent of the transaction’s value compared to 10 to 15 percent for sales agents. The concept has now been implemented by a highly successful Chinese businessman and was featured in the Globe and Mail Report on Business.
  • Created a social media strategy to publish one of Canada’s leading and award winning giftware magazine, Retail News. Today, this strategy is commonly used by successful publishers.