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Sales Force Training and Optimization

Your sales force may well be the biggest component of your expense line. Is it firing on all cylinders? Is it the source of sub optimal growth? We don’t believe in throwing the baby out with the bath water, building trust with the sales force.

Our Discovery Phase

will conduct an assessment of current skills and admin practices to ensure they are consistent with the reputation you want and sales practices support our philosophy for effective selling – that is to ensure they are solutions sellers. Selling, quotas and commission should not be about just “making the sale”. Relationships are built on trust. We’ll help your sales people develop business in ways that enhance their trust by helping them walk in the shoes of those they sell to. We ensure training is market and customer centric so that sales staff portray themselves in ways that demonstrate how your products help their customers grow…not just make the next sale.

The Implementation Phase

We’ll develop sales training, measurement and support programs so that you have the management tools to ensure you’re getting optimum effort and return from the investment you make in your sales force. This plan alone, aside from everything else you do, can be the source of significant new growth.

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