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Promotions, Events and Fundraising Case Studies

Here are some of our success stories:


  • Hot Deals on Hot Wheels – over 15 million Mattel Hot Wheels cars sold through McDonalds Restaurants across Canada in 28 days. The single largest sale of Hot Wheels cars in Canadian history. The program was subsequently implemented in the United States.
  • General Foods Kool-Aid in-Pack with Wrigley Multi-Pak – while walking down the aisle of a grocery store, spotted a suitable product to package inside the Family Multi-Pack of Wrigley’s chewing gum. A few weeks later the GF Kool-Aid In-Pack with Wrigley Multi-Pack Gum was introduced – over 1 million packs of Kool-Aid sold through in a five week period….the fastest sell though in their history. The program included a bounce back coupon on the next purchase of Kool-Aid and Wrigley’s multi-pack generating 25% redemption.
  • Procter and Gamble’s Pampers and Mattel See ‘n Say – proposed an in-pack promotion with over $25 in money saving coupons good on the purchase of Mattel’s See ‘n Say and several Procter and Gamble products. Over 500,000 value add coupons were packaged inside Pampers, Canada’s number one disposable diaper. Their respective trade partners bought deep and experienced fast sell through.


  • To promote the launch and roll out of Canada Trust Johnny Cash Money Machines, toured Johnny Cash across Canada with customer and VIP concerts. In only a few weeks it resulted in the highest level of unaided brand awareness when compared to competitor money machines launched months earlier.
  • In concert with Mattel, The Big Brothers of Metro Toronto, the Four Seasons Hotel and the retail trade, chaired the Wayne Gretzky Rocket Hockey Tournament. Over 200 Big and Little Brothers got a chance to meet their hockey hero. Winners of the pee-wee, bantam, midget and major play-downs played Rocket Hockey with the Great One himself for the championship prize of Gold seats at the next Oilers / Leafs game. Wayne said, “I’ve never had so much fun.”


  • Tom is co-founder of the TD Canada Trust Friends of the Environment Foundation – since 1991 it has raised over $75 million, attracted better educated and higher value customers who ranked protecting the environment very highly. The foundation has funded over 23,000 projects coast-to-coast. Tom’s work took Canada’s only female astronaut, Roberta Bondar, coast-to-coast to promote Canada Trust’s image as the bank most closely associated with the greening of Canada.
  • For Family Service London – raised $21,000 in a promotion to sell lapel pins in support of the International Year of the Family.
  • When Tom’s wife needed a heart transplant he became an advocate for raising funds for heart transplant research and raising awareness for life saving organ donations:
    • Published a newsletter for a community of over 250 heart transplant patients.
    • HeartLinks 25th Anniversary – lead organizer to celebrate 25 years as a transplant community. The event took place at the Gladstone Hotel and became the “Night to Remember”.
    • Annual Valentine Cookie Giveaway – as a way to express the appreciation of heart transplant recipients, in partnership with Elmhill Cookies of Oakville, led the annual distribution of a gingerbread cookie with a pink heart that saw the distribution of cookies to over 450 staff involved in pre- and post- heart transplant care at Toronto General and Western Hospitals.