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Customer/Segment/Market Development/Product/Category Development Case Studies

Here are some of our success stories:

  • For Canada Trust, Tom invented the Split Term Mortgage. It achieved over $1 billion in new mortgage business. How did the idea come about? Tom’s knowledge of how customers think and the fear of interest increases led to the design of a mortgage that allowed customers to split their mortgage into different terms and lengths to protect them from rate hikes. Tom’s doodling habit came in handy as well.
  • Borrowing from concepts used in the futures markets Tom created an entirely new category of investment products using indexing to determine rates of return. The first of its kind at the time, these investment products are in common use today. Tom’s ideas come from everywhere…this one came while watching the movie “Trading Places” with Dan Ackroyd and Eddie Murphy.
  • Tom created the concept for a toy line where each toy was designed to focus on the specific area pf a child’s development. Product design matched a child’s skill at every stage. The line was eventually developed and marketed by a leading baby products company.
  • Created a contra-seasonal product strategy by introducing lower priced products for the non-Christmas sales season. It turned the toy business into a year round sales event and increased annual sales 15%.
  • Tom is co-founder of the TD Canada Trust Friends of the Environment Foundation – since 1991 it has raised over $75 million, attracted a higher value customer and has funded over 23,000 projects coast-to-coast.
  • Tom introduced Hubba Bubba chewing gum into Canada – allowed you to blow big bubbles without sticking to your face when they burst – big bubbles…no troubles —- and big sales….one of the most successful chewing gum launches in Canadian history.
  • Mattel Masters of the Universe – Tom launched Masters of the Universe into Canada (while dressed as He-Man at the annual sales convention in Florida). However, the issue with new toy lines is that they last two to three years at most. While having dinner in Los Angeles with the Director of Marketing and hearing that the line was being dropped, Tom suggested that the story line be extended….just like any TV show. Our suggestion was to create a new world based on the evil character Skeletor. The idea changed the course of toy development, building ideas around sustainable stories and extended the life of the line to seven years. The rights to the TV show were sold to Global TV.
  • Tom worked with Bell Aliant and SOCAN on the earliest iterations of a music streaming service called Digital Juke-Box…..unfortunately we took the time needed to do it legally protecting the rights of the musicians to ensure they got paid. We were pre-empted by Napster and subsequent music download services that have in fact eroded the music industry as well as artists’ ability to earn a decent living.
  • Significant research was undertaken to understand the unique banking needs of Asian Canadians, Canada’s fastest growing immigrant population. By recognizing their cultural sensitivities, Tom launched the first ever Asian banking strategy. It went as far as reflecting their needs in branch design using Feng Shui techniques. It was launched with all Asian TV and newspaper creative campaign making significant inroads to this growing segment. Today, this bank enjoys the highest customer penetration of the Asian Canadians of any Canadian bank.
  • Created Mattel’s Wayne Gretzky toy line including Wayne Gretzky’s Rocket hockey capitalizing on Wayne’ historic contribution to the game of hockey.
  • Launched Canada’s first 24 hour Mortgage Approval Centre in concert with one of Canada’s largest real estate companies.