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Innovative Strategic Planning


Innovative Strategic Planning To Drive New Growth

The Discovery Phase

This starts with a review of current plans and strategies, including all current electronic marketing and distribution strategies. Using existing data, and augmenting it where necessary, we conduct a market review to determine sources of untapped growth and identify new ways to achieve it. We’ll take the best of your current plans and quickly move into the next stage.

Strategy / Ideation Phase

Here we augment current plans with unique new growth strategies, including electronic, driven by outside the box creativity and innovation. The Strategy / Ideation Phase may make use of group idea generation sessions that drive practical ideas lying just below the surface, to game-changing ideas that drive a sustained source of competitive advantage. In the

Decision Phase

Ideas will be assessed for likelihood for success, cost and ability to deliver the plan.

The Implementation Phase

This ensures you understand the steps you need to undertake, assign responsibility and establish a timeline to ensure you’re fully resourced to deliver on the plan. And we can help you at this step.

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