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Our Company

We bring a blend of practical and breakthrough thinking that takes companies to new heights.

Planning for Next Stage Growth

We start by conducting a thorough business review. We review your current fact base, current plans, your customers and your competition to help you assess the effectiveness of your current marketing and sales development strategies. You’ll understand where you may be missing opportunities for growth.

Forward Thinking

With a track record of developing breakthrough new products and entirely new segments, we will help increase your revenues and improve your bottom line by enhancing / improving existing products and / or developing entirely new ones.

Problem Solvers

Our process consists of four phases:

  1. The Discovery Phase
  2. The Strategy / Idea Phase
  3. The Decision (Go / No Go) Phase
  4. The Roadmap / Implementation Phase

Customer Centric Thinking

We start with the customer and take a bottom up approach, asking the right questions and discovering unmet needs.

Our Story

DefinitionCatalyst: a substance that causes or accelerates a reaction without itself being affected.

Let us be your growth catalyst….a source of creative ways to increase sales and / or optimize your sales and marketing costs. We never change because we are a continuous source of new ideas to grow your bottom line.

After a successful career leading the marketing strategies of some of Canada’s iconic brands now you can tap into the expertise of Canada’s most creative marketers, change makers and innovators.

We bring a blend of practical and breakthrough thinking that takes companies to new heights. Our track record in helping companies increase their bottom line profitability is nothing short of extraordinary. Innovative strategic planning, conceptual thinking and eureka ideas have transformed companies, built hundreds of millions of dollars in sales and saved millions in sales and marketing costs.

Growth Catalyst provides unique customer driven growth solutions for small and medium sized consumer goods and business to business companies, associations, fundraising foundations, and advertising agencies.

Building growth strategies is a multi-disciplinary challenge. We help clients win big with customers by answering fundamental questions that affect growth such as: Why do people behave as they do? What leads them to change behaviour and buy from you?

We develop new ways to grow your bottom line by finding new customers or new markets and growing by taking share away from your competition. Everything else flows from here. We’ll grow your bottom line through:

  • Market reviews that lead to innovative strategic plans using outside the box thinking,
  • Product, category and segment development,
  • Brand, customer service and user experience development,
  • Sales force training and optimization,
  • Marketing communication and concept development,
  • Employee engagement,
  • Promotions, events and fundraising plan development
  • Development and integration of Internet, e-commerce and social media applications
  • Company transformation and culture development
  • Finding ways to optimize or reduce your marketing spend

As you explore this website, you’ll see examples of outside the box thinking and simple straight forward strategic solutions that helped companies grow their bottom line by increasing revenue and optimizing their marketing expense.

Tom Foran - 905.510.6525

Tom Foran - 905.510.6525

Growth Consultant

Growth Catalyst’s founder, Tom Foran, brings years of client and agency side experience developing unique, award winning and effective growth strategies for some of Canada’s most iconic brands.

Tom brings an uncanny ability to take current demographics, ethnicity, societal and cultural influences and an understanding of consumer behaviour and create the strategies and ideas to grow your business. Tom has been notoriously called “The Idea Guy”. He thinks differently, is service oriented and there’s no end to the ideas…big and small, he brings to organizations.

For the past twelve years Tom has been a caregiver to his wife who received a life-saving and life changing heart transplant while holding full-time work. Now semi-retired, Tom spends his time consulting with companies to help them grow their bottom line, fundraising to support innovation in heart failure research for the Toronto General Hospital Foundation and raising awareness for life-saving organ donations.



How We Work – No Stone Unturned

We work with you, your leadership team, your staff and your customers to develop outside the box ideas and customized strategies and marketing plans. We have a reputation for developing breakthrough ideas that get results. We develop ideas independently and / or facilitate their development in team based settings. Based on our fact finding, in plain language and at reasonable cost, we’ll give you an unvarnished view of what’s holding you back from achieving higher growth. Then we build a growth plan customized for you.

Our engaging, informal work style build’s trust. We bring a sense of humour as well as a no bull, straight forward approach you’ll find refreshing and honest. The focus is on you. We’re thorough and we take the time to understand you, your business, your customers, your competition and your staff.

On top of this we’re affordable. We like helping people and companies. We want you to be more successful.

Simply stated…we’re good at it.

Partnering with Growth Catalyst yields “how to win” strategies that are insightful, innovative and practical, leading to a better bottom line. And we guarantee results.

As we say – no stone unturned. Our mission is to help you win more customers, build market share, be better than your competitors and have more satisfied staff. We look at every aspect of your current marketing and business practice, your market, your customers and your competitors and come up with innovative and practical ways to grow your bottom line.

Our process consists of four phases:

  1. The Discovery Phase
  2. The Strategy / Idea Phase
  3. The Decision (Go / No Go) Phase
  4. The Roadmap / Implementation Phase

The Discovery Phase analyzes your current data and collects new data from a number of sources as required. Our market review provides a high level view of your current business and its practices, the market, your competition and your customers. In short order we provide a high level one to two page snap-shot of current state and where opportunities exist to grow revenue and reduce expense. During this process it’s customary to engage staff and customers to mine the insight that provides you with a 360 degree view.

The Strategy / Ideation Phase – this phase uses proven techniques to kick-start the development of unique and innovative strategic alternatives covering a number of areas. Some ideas are small incremental growth in nature and others are very conceptual focusing on big ideas ranging from  practical ways to build market share that simply hadn’t been thought of before, to disruptive ideas that change the landscape.

The Decision Phase – The third phase determines, in concert with you, the ideas and strategies we move forward with. Balancing risk vs. reward, this phase reviews the resources required to successfully implement each idea. You will understand how you need to resource breakthrough ideas and the likelihood of success.

The Implementation Phase. This is where the rubber hits the road. Execution is a highly under rated skill. You can have the best idea, but, if poorly executed it will fail. Once the alternatives are ranked we develop practical roadmaps that help you successfully implement the plan. You’ll know exactly what you need to do to execute. One of our best strengths is attention to detail. We’ll create a timeline with a detailed step-by-step project list with accountabilities so you know who is accountable to deliver and when. Typically these are developed with and agreed to by your team. We’ll understand what obstacles are in the way and brainstorm ways to get things done. All too often great ideas are abandoned because details are over looked, resources are under estimated, staff are not assigned or, simply not held accountable to deliver what they promised to do and when they promised to do it.